Beyond Kid Rock, in a solo space: Guitarist Kenny Olson is bringing it all back home

The Detroit Metro Times – December 14, 2011
By Brett Callwood

Brett Callwood of the Detroit Metro Times says of Kenny Olson’s new album, “It’s a tremendous album featuring a core band and guest musicians. The likes of Detroit’s Brandon Calhoon, Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Billy Cox (Hendrix) show up in places, but it is the guitar work of Olson on what is essentially a blues-rock album, plus the strength of the song writing, that makes the album such a beast. Olson is predictably happy with it. ‘There’s a little bit of everything for everybody on it,’ he said. ‘It’s definitely rockin’, but it has some soulful roots to it.’”

2011 IMFCON Showcase Feat. Kenny Olson

The 2011 IMFCON (International Music Festival Conference) Showcase will take place in Austin, Texas, on day two of the 3rd Annual IMFCON (Monday, December 5, 2011). The showcase will feature Kenny Olson

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Homeward Bound

Contributing Writer

Kenny Olson and friends set to rock Southside Hideout

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Kenny Olson’s Friendly Jam

Since hitting the big time with Kid Rock over 12 years ago, Kenny Olson has always made a point to return home to Traverse City once a year to jam. This year is no exception.

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Olson Brings New Tunes to His Old Town

TRAVERSE CITY — If he wasn’t in the middle of recording his latest album, guitarist Kenny Olson said he’d make his Sunday, Aug. 14, date at the Southside Hideout in Buckley into a longer trip home.

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If you’re talkin’ Detroit rock, vintage guitars, muscle cars, then you’re talkin’ Kenny Olson. VG met Olson at the Detroit Guitar Show, and it didn’t take long before he was talking about old Strats and Teles. That seemed natural for a Fender-endorsed lead guitar player, but for Olson it was more. He loves the old stuff.

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