Kenny Olson Summer NAMM | Rain Riser Booth


Join Kenny at Summer NAMM on Saturday, July 13th at the Rain Riser booth (808) between noon and 4PM CST.



Novel risers merge stage elevation and technology

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (May 24, 2013) – Rain Riser Systems, LLC announces the official introduction of its line of sound-dampening risers at the 2013 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee. Named after the raindrop shape incorporated into its internal structure, the Rain Riser combines elements of a classic studio partition — absorption, diffusion, decoupling, and bass trapping — within the form of a non-resonating elevation system. This design effectively provides acoustical isolation for drums, amplifiers, and any other instruments and performers from the stage surface below; in doing so, it dramatically improves the sound quality of those instruments and electronic devices.

A rugged road case houses this proprietary vibration-reduction treatment, as well as electronics packages including such options as LED lighting panels with DMX controls, and onboard XLR audio inputs, returns, and a multi-pin connector output.

Standard models are available in a variety of sizes and heights, with all Rain Risers employing locking lids and casters for ease of transport.

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Press Contact: Thomas Moore President, Rain Riser Systems, LLC

Hard Rock Cafe Opens with Guitar from Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson


This customized Gibson Les Paul guitar was used on tour by Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson The Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds opens up Wednesday.

It is the first Hard Rock in west Michigan and just the second in Michigan after one opened in Detroit in 2003. The new restaurant is located in the Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo, and officials with the Pokagon Tribe tell WSJM it is slightly larger than the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago.

Among the memorabilia on the walls are guitars from Michigan rockers Bob Seger and Kid Rock, Rockford, Illinois-based Cheap Trick and a glass case of things from the late Johnny Cash. The outfit worn by Elton John on the cover of his “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album is one of the first things people will see as they enter the restaurant. Interview with Kenny Olson

Kenny Olson Producing

Meet Kenny Olson, the best guitarist you’ve never heard of. You probably heard Kenny and didn’t even realize it. Kenny has played with Kid Rock, Aerosmith, Metallica, Billy Gibbons, Sheryl Crow, and Les Paul, among others.

While you may not have heard of him, his peers definitely have. Keith Richards says this multi-platinum guitarist is “one of the best rock guitarists on the scene right now.”

Kenny started a band, The Kenny Olson Cartel, which is an an ass-kicking entity in its own right. “That’s my high,” Olson says. “I belong out there playing.” But the studio is another home, and there will be more where Kenny Olson Cartel came from. The guitarist says he has enough material “for a few more albums at least,” with more coming seemingly every day, which means the Cartel is well stocked for a loud ‘n’ proud future.

“What I like about this situation is nothing can stop it,” Olson gushes. “As long as I’m alive and kicking, I can keep the Kenny Olson Cartel going and keep the music coming.”

In this candid interview, Kenny talked to us about his career, music, and life in Nashville, where he’s currently alive and kicking.

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The Ripple Effect Review of Kenny Olson Cartel Album


Review of Kenny Olson Cartel by Racer @ The Ripple Effect

This one I shoulda seen coming.

If I’d only read the credits before I popped the CD in, I wouldn’t a been so surprised.  Right there, in the “Thanks” section were all the clues I needed that this, Kenny Olson dude, wasn’t just some regular guy.  First name I saw was Billy Cox.  Former Hendrix player.  That’s cool.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The Hendrix Family.  Hmmm.  Not Jimi, as in “for inspiration” but a direct thanks to the Hendrix family.  Does this cat know them?   Eddie Kramer?  What   Who is this guy?

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Kenny Olson Rock & Roll

Best known as the lead guitarist and cowriter for multi-platinum Kid Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Olson has recorded and performed with Metallica, Aerosmith, Billy Gibbons, Buddy Guy, Chaka Khan, Sheryl Crow, Hank Williams, Jr. and the late, great Les Paul. In our exclusive interview, Olson describes tracking his new solo album, Kenny Olson Cartel. We’ll also hear songs from the CD and stories about playing with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

 Listen to the interview here:

Kenny Olson Guitar Planet Interview: Going Solo, Life After Kid Rock


Kid Rock’s iconic axe man Kenny Olson is preparing to unleash his first solo LP, the Kenny Olson Cartel, and he stopped by GP to talk classic rock, genre blending, and life after Kid Rock.

Read the full interview:

Kenny Olson’s Interview With Legendary Rock Interviews


Kenny Olson was described in Kid Rock’s original bio as being “born to play guitar” which really says it all.  The guy has earned respect and kudos from the likes of Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammett and countless others who also excel at the six string.  He’s worked with all of them and countless others but in addition to playing guitar Kenny is probably one of the most underrated songwriters of the rock and roll genre.

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Vintage Guitar Magazine Interview with Kenny Olson (2012)


From Kid Rock to the Cartel

Influenced by his hometown of Detroit, he is known mostly as a rocker who earned his stripes with Kid Rock. But he has stepped out many times to play on hip hop and R&B records, and his latest solo project is a display of his impressive versatility. By Ward Meeker

Kenny Olson to Release Debut Solo Album ‘Kenny Olson Cartel’


Kid Rock Multi-Platinum Guitarist Enlists an All-Star Cast for His All New Groundbreaking, Genre-bending Band

Los Angeles, CA – January 17, 2012 – Multi-platinum guitarist Kenny Olson has announced the upcoming release of his long-awaited, debut solo album “Kenny Olson Cartel” through Foxy Music/Firebird. The album will be available in February on Kenny’s website, CDBaby and iTunes, and in stores and online everywhere in April.

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Five questions with guitarist Kenny Olson of Kenny Olson Cartel (excerpts)

The Detroit Free Press – December 29, 2011
By Martin Bandyke

A founding member of Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Royal Oak native Kenny Olson has also gigged and recorded with a ton of other major artists, including Les Paul, Hubert Sumlin, Sheryl Crow and Faith Evans. The lead guitarist is undeniably a disciple of Jimi Hendrix, with blistering pyrotechnics an essential part of his blues-rock stylings.

Q: Who were some of the musicians you loved the most as a kid?
A: I remember there always being a guitar in my house growing up. My dad and my uncles played for fun, and my granddad was a pianist and trumpeter in a big band outfit. In my house there were all kinds of great records from back in the day. Jimi (Hendrix) was a big early influence, so at a very young age I was demanding to hear “Foxy Lady” and I’d run around the house doing the air guitar things.

I had neighbors who worked at radio stations and was exposed to so much amazing music. I remember getting the “Bitches Brew” album (by Miles Davis) in a garage sale held by a DJ. It took me three trips on my bike when I was 12 bringing home albums from that sale — things by Cream, Black Sabbath, the Stooges, MC5 and others. At first it was impossible to figure out “Bitches Brew,” but I’d listen to the horn lines and find the right pitch on the guitar.

I listened to everything: old R&B diva singers, classic rock, blues, Motown, gospel, Southern sounds to funky ’70s attitude to punk rock.

Q: What are some of your happiest memories of working with Kid Rock for so many years?
A: Bob and I and the rest of the Twisted Brown Trucker Band did everything we ever dreamed of doing, and it was an amazing ride. We traveled the world together and we did everything: award shows to late-night TV shows to the Super Bowl to all the big festivals to being on “The Simpsons.”

That sense of accomplishment has been there for me and I’m very blessed for that.

Q: Billy Cox, Jimi Hendrix’s bass player from the Band of Gypsies, guests on your new album. How long have you known him?
A: I started working with him in the ’90s and we’ve played together with so many amazing artists. He’s my big brother, and it’s such an honor to have Billy in my life. I just did his new record, too (“Old School Blue Blues”) and worked on his last two solo albums.

I was virtually adopted by the Hendrix family back in the ’90s after (longtime Hendrix album engineer) Eddie Kramer got me working with Billy and Buddy (Miles) and Mitch (Mitchell). I got to know Jimi’s dad, who asked me to re-cut “Little Wing” with Chaka Khan.

I’m so fortunate to roll down the road with Billy; we’re very, very tight.

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