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Wallace Amplification

My Wallace amp It s got a soul

Wallace Amplification – “The Power of Yesterday and the Strength of Tomorrow”

Wallace Amplification is the innovation of Brian Wallace out of Livonia Michigan. With a family history in electronics, Brian began modifying amps in the early 1970’s. In 1995 he began working for Guytron. This opporunity propelled Brian as he embarked on his own series of amplifiers, similar to the JTM45, 50W, and 100W models.

Recently, Wallace Amplification introduced the Abaddon a 50 watt master volume head consisting of four gain stages in the preamp.  From top to bottom the design and layouts prove to be a step in the right direction as Wallace Amplification breaks away from the pack and introduces power to the music world in original designs and layouts, not to mention SOUND!

Fargen Amps



Reverend Guitars

Italia Guitars Interview with Kenny Olson

Kenny Olson Producing

Meet Kenny Olson, the best guitarist you’ve never heard of. You probably heard Kenny and didn’t even realize it. Kenny has played with Kid Rock, Aerosmith, Metallica, Billy Gibbons, Sheryl Crow, and Les Paul, among others.

While you may not have heard of him, his peers definitely have. Keith Richards says this multi-platinum guitarist is “one of the best rock guitarists on the scene right now.”

Kenny started a band, The Kenny Olson Cartel, which is an an ass-kicking entity in its own right. “That’s my high,” Olson says. “I belong out there playing.” But the studio is another home, and there will be more where Kenny Olson Cartel came from. The guitarist says he has enough material “for a few more albums at least,” with more coming seemingly every day, which means the Cartel is well stocked for a loud ‘n’ proud future.

“What I like about this situation is nothing can stop it,” Olson gushes. “As long as I’m alive and kicking, I can keep the Kenny Olson Cartel going and keep the music coming.”

In this candid interview, Kenny talked to us about his career, music, and life in Nashville, where he’s currently alive and kicking.

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The Ripple Effect Review of Kenny Olson Cartel Album


Review of Kenny Olson Cartel by Racer @ The Ripple Effect

This one I shoulda seen coming.

If I’d only read the credits before I popped the CD in, I wouldn’t a been so surprised.  Right there, in the “Thanks” section were all the clues I needed that this, Kenny Olson dude, wasn’t just some regular guy.  First name I saw was Billy Cox.  Former Hendrix player.  That’s cool.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The Hendrix Family.  Hmmm.  Not Jimi, as in “for inspiration” but a direct thanks to the Hendrix family.  Does this cat know them?   Eddie Kramer?  What   Who is this guy?

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